With a Akva waterbed there is no reason to compromise comfort or design. Akva's waterbeds are specifically manufactured to meet the needs of each individual customer.



The accessories for the Snoezel waterbed is the icing on the cake which complement the waterbeds many advantages. Water Pillows, easy-to-clean upholstery and massage systems provide useful synergy in the use of a waterbed.  

Water pillow 


A water pillow is the way to complete the relaxation of the neck and head. The pillow is shaped according to the neck region to enhance the wellbeing without tense neck muscles. As with your water mattress, you control the comfort of the individual capacity.

 Wasserkopfkissen When the water pillow is used in a waterbed, it is tempered.
Its non-penetrable surface makes life difficult for housedust mites.
Allergy friendly, phthalate
free vinyl and washable cover


Incontinence sheets 

 Laken für Wasserbett Suitable for Snoezel-bed and easy to clean.

An elastic band around the sheet ensures that it stays where it should be.
Incontinence sheets,
100% polyurethane

Massage system

 Massagesystem für Wasserbetten
Ease your tired, sore muscles while relaxing in bed.

With the remote control you can easily set the desired massage level, area, and type. 
8 massage motors
embedded in the foam
welded into the vinyl.

Furthermore, we offer a range of care products, for the proper care and thus ensures longer life. Regular maintenance will give you the best possible safety and hygiene.